Who is running this study? Who is funding it?

This study is being run by a group of researchers at the University of Glasgow and funded by the Chief Scientist Office, which is part of the Scottish Government Health Directorates. The project is supported by numerous partner organisations.

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How long will it take? When will there be results?

The project runs until November 2020. We will publish findings as we go on this website. These will include blogs, interim results, policy briefings and academic papers.

Can anyone participate in the study? What does taking part involve?

The study focuses on people in specific groups. We are interested in the views and experiences of people in Scotland, aged 18 or above who are directly affected by one or more of these four issues:

  • disability or long-term health conditions (including carers of people in this group)
  • domestic abuse or sexual violence
  • imprisonment or criminal justice supervision (including loved ones of people in this group)
  • refugees, asylum seekers or facing destitution

We are also interested in the experiences of organisations who are working with people who fall into one or more of the four groups. We are asking organisations to complete a survey.

You can find out more here: Take Part.

Will I be paid to participate?

Your participation will contribute to better understanding the challenges and experiences of the response to Covid-19. We hope this will inform policy. Participation is not paid but we would like to offer interviewees a small token of our appreciation such as a shopping voucher.

For most people taking part will involve an interview lasting around 30-45 minutes. For those taking the survey on behalf of an organisation, this should take about 25-30 minutes.

It is important to understand the implications of taking part in research, and your rights as a research participant. We will closely review this with you and allow you to have all your questions about the research answered.

You can find out more here: Take Part.

Who do I contact for questions or concerns?

You can contact the study’s researchers directly by:

If you have any concerns about the research and would like to speak to someone independent of the research team, please contact Jesse Dawson from the Ethics Committee of Glasgow University’s Medicine, Veterinary & Life Sciences (MVLS) College, who will deal confidentially with your concern.

Email: Jesse Dawson (jesse.dawson@glasgow.ac.uk)