This project was organised in four study areas that examined the impact of Covid-19 suppression measures on specific marginalised groups.

The findings are organised by cross-cutting issue below, or you can view by study area: Criminal justice; Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence; Refugee and Asylum, and Disability and Health conditions.

Project report

The final project report is available from the link below.

Food security

Some people have faced barriers in accessing food, including food appropriate for medical or cultural needs.

Information and exclusion

Some people faced digital exclusion or other barriers accessing information.

Mental health

Many people told us about experiences of depression and anxiety, and that access to services and support has become more difficult.

Service provision

Service providers have faced a uniquely challenging time, reporting increased demand from client groups and funding uncertainty.

Experiences of sex workers during lockdown

Kristina Saunders shares insights into the challenges faced by sex workers during lockdown, highlighting that lives and livelihoods have been acutely impacted by Covid-19.