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The research is being conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow led by Prof Sarah Armstrong and Dr Lucy Pickering. It is organised into work streams for each of the four study areas.

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Principal Investigators

Sarah Armstrong
Lucy Pickering

Jennifer McLaren: Administrator

Disability and Health Conditions Stream

Nicola Burns stream co-lead
Phillippa Wiseman stream co-lead

Chris Bunn Investigator

Alicia Davis Investigator

Paul Pearson research assistant
Amanda Ptolemy research assistant

Refugee and Asylum Stream

Gareth Mulvey stream co-lead
Teresa Piacentini stream co-lead
Nicola Burns Investigator
Molly Gilmour research assistant

Criminal Justice System Stream

Caitlin Gormley Stream co-lead
Marguerite Schinkel stream co-lead
Fergus McNeill Investigator
Sarah Armstrong principal investigator
Betsy Barkas Research Assistant
Ryan Casey research assistant

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Stream

Oona Brooks-Hay stream co-lead
Michele Burman stream co-lead
Nughmana Mirza Investigator
Kristina Saunders Investigator
Phillippa Wiseman Investigator
Dominic Reed Research Associate
April Shaw research assistant

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