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This research is being conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow led by Prof Sarah Armstrong and Dr Lucy Pickering. It is funded by the Chief Scientist Office and the Scottish Government, and it will run for six months, until around December 2020.

This project is exploring how lockdown impacts on people in Scotland who may already have been isolated or excluded prior to the pandemic.

It has four study areas that focus on experiences of: 

  1. refugee and asylum processes or facing destitution; 
  2. domestic abuse or sexual violence; 
  3. disability or long-term health conditions; and, 
  4. criminal justice control (in prison or community supervised).

The study aims to help inform Government efforts to prevent further hardship and inequalities. 

It is funded by the Chief Scientist Office of Scotland and is one of numerous projects supported under its Rapid Research Call for Covid-19 projects. While some research funded under this call focusses on medical and related scientific breakthroughs, this project addresses the social dimensions and impacts of Covid-19.

The study is led by Prof Sarah Armstrong of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research and Dr Lucy Pickering of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, both at the University of Glasgow. It involves a large research team of 25 including 18 investigators and 6 PhD and postdoctoral research assistants. 

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